Register Your Stall for the Muslim Expo 2017. Act Quickly Before We Run Out of Stalls!

IREA (Islamic Research and Educational Academy) invites your business to participate in first of its kind Muslim World Fair to be held at Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 11-12 March, Saturday & Sunday 10am-10pm. This Muslim World Fair is part of one of the largest Islamic event in History of Australia, AIPC Australian Islamic Peace Conference which will host international and national speakers, guests from the Australian authorities and the wider Australian community.

Some key features:

  • Melbourne Exhibition Centre is the ideal location to host such a Bazaar
  • 5,000+ attendees to stroll the market over 2 days
  • Market spread over 3,000 sqm with well-defined layout and structure
  • More than 100 stalls showcasing widely diverse Muslim tradition
  • An ideal location to advertise your business and sell your product
  • Centrally located market area
  • Exhibits coming from all over Australia,
  • Enough time to set up your stall and make it stand out
  • Stalls from 3m X 3m and 6m X 3m to choose from
  • Convenient prices, can’t be beaten on
  • Ample space to advertise your business

Take Advantage of Our Early Bird Discount Savings!

We are currently having the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for early stall registrations. Get your applications in quickly before the discount runs out. Once the early bird period ends, the prices will return to normal pricing (as follows)

TABLE SPACE: $500 (Early Bird Discounted Price $350)

STANDARD MARQUEE 3m X 3m: $750 (Early Bird Discounted Price $600)

DELUXE MARQUEE 6m X 3m: $1400 (Early Bird Discounted Price $1100)


Stall Type

(Please select one from the dropdown list)

I agree to the stallholder terms of service, policy and procedures (required) - READ BELOW THIS FORM


Every exhibitor has to read and comply with the terms of service, policy and procedures as defined below


  1. The exhibitor/stallholder booked can be cancelled and refund can be paid after deducting 10 percent service charges only within the 15 days from the date of payment, after that the cancelled exhibit/stall’s charges will not be refunded as the funds are consumed in the expenditures of the event.
  2. Wrong declarations concerning the description of the exhibit/stall will lead to the exclusion of the exhibit/stall and the loss of the charges paid for the exhibit/stall.
  3. Exhibit/stall must be used only by the person whose name/s is registered on the exhibit/stall or booking application form.
  4. Exhibit/stall allocation will be the responsibility of the organiser and may not be disclosed prior to the event unless exhibit/stall is allocated under major sponsorship or prime location.
  5. Exhibitor/stallholder is not allowed to relocate his exhibit/stall or replaced by another exhibitor/stallholder unless the organiser relocated or replaced with the agreement of all parties concerned.
  6. If an exhibitor/stallholder fails to turn up at the given bump-in time, the organiser can cancelled the exhibit/stall and in that situation the cancelled stall charges will not be refundable, moreover, organiser can utilise the same exhibit/stall in any manner they deem fit.
  7. The Exhibit/stall or will have access to the basic facilities such as the public toilets, security & fire fighting services, & it is the responsibility of the exhibitor/stallholder to make knowledge of the nearest fire exits in the premises.
  8. Exhibitor/Stallholder will be provided the facilities as per their exhibit/stall type and paid for, the additional facilities can only be provided on the availability and discretion of the organizer and the exhibitor/stallholder will liable to pay forefront the due charges.
  9. It is forbidden to put any permanent items on the walls such as nails, hard glue or hard tape, similarly exhibitor/stallholder cannot make any alteration or changes in the structure or act in such a way that the action caused damage to the facility. All damage caused eventually by the exhibitor/stallholder to the premises, the exhibitor/stallholder will have to pay the cost of repair.
  10. In case of accidents or any other incident which causes damages at the installations of the exhibit/stallion area, the person who is hiring the exhibit/stall and facility is responsible and has to take on the juridical or financial consequences.
  11. Exhibitor/stallholder has to use their exhibit/stall without encroaching outside the allotted area on the alleys or the neighbouring exhibit/stall with their goods/services.


  1. Clearing and handling of the exhibit/stall is the responsibility of the exhibitor/stallholder.
  2. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor/stallholder to clean their exhibit/stall area appropriately, therefore, the exhibitor/stallholder must make sure they have appropriate resources and required tools for cleaning the premises they used. If exhibitor/stallholder’s used area is found unclean the management will request them to pay the cleaning charges.
  3. The organiser is not responsible for any loss whatsoever incurred by exhibitor/stallholder and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor/stallholder to look after their belongings and merchandise.


  1. Subletting of the exhibit/stall is absolutely prohibited which means that exhibitor/stallholder cannot sublet the exhibit/stall to the other person or shared with any other business or individual.


  1. Exhibitor/Stallholder is required to comply with instructions issued by the organiser regarding schedule for bump-in, set-up, dismantling and pack-up of the exhibit/stall.


  1. The Exhibitor/stallholder is liable for payment of compensation for any bodily harm, damage of fixtures, facility, and other’s belonging at the premises. The organiser has right to:
    1. To recover from the exhibitor/stallholder compensation for losses/ damages caused to the property or reasonable penalty for any wilful contravention of the terms and participation.
    2. To postpone, curtail, extend, or abandon the exhibit/stall or close some or all sections of it temporarily or permanently in unforeseen circumstances.
    3. To photograph or video film the interior of any exhibit/stallion and to use the same for promotional work.
    4. To refuse permission to any exhibitor/stallholder to clear their exhibit/stall or to retain the exhibit/stall or other merchandise if any problem occurs during the event
  2. Exhibitor/Stallholder is only allowed to place the items approved on your application. For example, if you have a clothing exhibit/stall, you should only have those items on the exhibit/stall. The organiser has the right to close/remove items from your stall if you are found placing additional items.
  3. An Exhibitor/Stallholder is responsible for any insurance required for their merchandise to be operated on their exhibit/stall.


The following additional Terms and Conditions apply to food stallholders

  1. For those who are not bringing their own exhibit/stall & gears, the size of the standard marquee is 3m x 3m (Fete-Stall) and large food stall is 6m/3m marquee (Fete-Stall).
  2. A food stall in food court is required to meet the Environmental Health Requirements of Temporary Food Stalls.
  3. If you don’t have food license or have not notified to VIC Food Authority. You are required to notify your participation (about your stall) in the event by lodging food business notification form for temporary food exhibit/stall to VIC Food Authority. You will also need to comply all the conditions & procedures of related local’s food exhibit/stall requirements.
  4. The cooking food stall is required floor covering by the stallholder to ensure no oil etc falls onto the ground surface.
  5. The cooking food stall will need plastic covering for the benches as food preparation cannot take place on wooden bench tops.
  6. Food Stall must bring with them the waste oil bins. Any waste oil poured onto the floor or down drains is not permitted and post event cleaning charges may apply.
  7. Cooking Food Stall should have a roof and food items must be covered, therefore, a covered area will be provided to Cooking Food Stall and the stallholder must place their food materials within the exhibit/stall’s premises.
  8. Under the provisions of the VIC Food Act all food stalls are required to sell safe and suitable food. Failure to comply with the Act can result in the issue of fines by Council’s Health Inspectors.
  9. Food stallholders must ensure that only HALAL products are sold from their stalls. Please.
  10. Contact to the organiser if you are not sure about if food/product is halal or not.
  11. Allocation of the food stall is done by the organiser in accordance with the appropriate grouping of food themes, infrastructure, equipment, and power requirements. The allocation of sites by the management will be final and at its absolute discretion.
  12. Food stallholder is responsible for waste and recycling collection and dispose their rubbish in the bins shown by management.
  13. Food stallholder is responsible to look after their catering equipment, property and other, in case of anything missing or loss, the organiser will not be responsible.
  14. A Food stallholder is responsible for any insurance in relation to the property of the food operator or any third party in the food stall.
  15. Proper food preparation safety procedures must be used, required food temperature must be observed and all hygienic manner must be followed.
  16. The Food stalls that require food preparation, must ensure that preparation is being conducted in a temperature controlled, hygienic and safe manner.
  17. All equipment to be used in the food stall is to be safe and in good working order, with protective shields, and covers in place.
  18. A food stall must have competent staff for food handling and must be present all the time during the running of the stall.
  19. A food stall used area must be left in a clean and tidy condition on departure, and all applicants must agree to cooperate in an effort to keep the food stall area in a clean condition. A fine will apply if a stall area and its surroundings are left untidy.
  20. Food Stall must read and comply with Food Safety Standards.
  21. The organiser is entitled to shut down the stall immediately in case of non-compliance with food safety or Halal requirements without any refund of the stall fee.